Sex tips 6 Tips for Dating a Cougar

6 Tips for Dating a Cougar

Many young men find dating an older woman interesting.  

Dating a cougar can be tricky for beginners, or «cubs» as some cougars call them, but these six tips will help a cub find their way to the cougar who has everything they need.

1.Be Assertive

One of the last things a cougar wants is a man who is not sure of himself. Young men who intend on dating older women should not be shy.  Cougars love young men, but the operative word is man.  Cougars are looking for younger men who can handle business and take charge from time to time. For cougars, nothing is sexier than a cub who is assertive and knows what he wants.

2.Don’t Attach Yourself to Labels

All older women are not fond of labels, such as girlfriend or boyfriend. Older women do not fancy the term «cougar». A lot of older women find the term «cougar» offensive.

3.Don’t Worry about the Age Difference

There is no need to state the obvious difference in age.  Women that are in this situation may not like an age reminder during every conversation.  By the same token, men who find older women interesting should not lie about their age.  Older women are aware of the age gap, but lying can make the situation take a turn on a negative path.  An older woman is still a woman, and women do not appreciate men who are not honest.

4.Take the Relationship Slow

Men say sex with an older woman is incredible but don’t be quick to hit the sheets.  Take the relationship slow and get to know the woman who attracts you.  Get to know the woman as a person instead of a feisty sex object.  A woman wants to know a man as much as a man wants to know a woman. Find out a few of her likes and dislikes, and she will ask the same about you.

5.Don’t be Afraid of Being Flexible

Older women work and take care of business.  As a cub, don’t be afraid to be flexible.  Younger men need to understand older women are not on their time.  Cubs need to be flexible and understanding.

6.Be Comfortable with Yourself

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An older woman can tell when a young man is not comfortable with them. The best thing a cub can do is be comfortable with who they are.  Young men who play games and front does not interest older women.  Cubs need to be themselves and enjoy the experience of loving an older woman. Cougars who are new to this type of relationship are shy and a little uneasy, but as time passes, the uneasy feelings will dissipate, and the real fun can begin.  Cubs should open up to the older woman while still possessing his manly ways and thoughts.

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