5 Unconventional Sex Tips for Mind & Body

Tantra is a wonderful way of prolonging lovemaking but there are also other tips that are not directly related to a couple’s movements that can enhance sexual fulfillment in the relationship. Often when we research sex tips, various sexual positions are studied but it’s important to remember that great sex goes beyond the actual physical act.

Sex encompasses mind, body & soul – the unconventional sex tips below will surely bring a positive impact into the bedroom before the actual act of lovemaking is begun. Here are a few sex tips that encourage you to think outside of the box:

1.Read Erotica Stories

Starting well before the actual physical encounter, this tip helps women get the mind in the mood for love. Biological differences between men and women state that men are visual creatures, women respond better to emotional stimuli. Touching on this topic can literally lead itself to an entirely new point of discussion, but we’ll save that for another day. Sexual studies like this only scratch the surface of male versus female sexual differences but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Relationship with passionate affection

The conclusion to be made is reading erotica is a tip literally made for women. A hot romance novel easily fills the mind with naughty scenes of lusty lovers and knights in shining armor coming to rescue princesses. Harness this tale into your bedroom, imagine the physique of the main character, let your mind be swallowed whole by this story and keep it forefront in the mind.

2.Start with a Bath

Continuing on from the results of studies about women’s sexual arousal comes the mention of blood flow through the body reaching the sexual organs. Taking a warm bath increases blood flow through the body, it helps make every erotic touch feel more sensitive, a heightened response. Furthermore, taking a bath is comfortable and eases stress which is also an essential factor in complete sexual arousal. Reading the erotica novel in the bath is one of the most rewarding experiences for the soul, a complete escape from life and something every woman must try!
Alternatively, you can bring your man into the bath as the warm soothing waters will also ease his stress. Want to take it a step further? Try aromatherapy bath oils made to calm and arouse like Ylang Ylang or Patchouli.

3.Feeling The Buzz

The sensation of vibrations induces the body’s natural production of vaginal lubrication. This in turn affects the brain, increasing sexual response and creating a strong sexual craving feeling. A wonderful precursor to sex, use a vibrator on yourself before intercourse or give your partner the vibe and let him take you to the moment of bliss. One of the most popular sex toys for women to use is a clitoral stimulator or bullet vibrator,. These tiny devices are held over the clitoris and are a popular suggestion of many sex therapists aiming to help a couple share simultaneous orgasms during lovemaking.

4.Performing a Sexy Dance

A trendy way to seduce your lover. There are several styles of dance that work, from a full out strip tease to a subtle belly dance all with the purpose of empowerment. To know you are capturing the gaze of your lover in an endless trance, at that moment in time, you are the only woman in the world. It feels good to hold all this power in the movement of your body. To know your driving a man wild with desire is a turn on in itself!

An important note for success is to rid yourself of body image issues. Many women are concerned about the extra «fluff» on their hips, to your man, he will not notice, The fact the woman he loves is doing a dance for him is a pure, simple turn on. He does not care about the little details as women often do, so let the inhibitions go and imagine yourself as the ultimate seductress, confidence is the most powerful turn-on of all.

5.The Perfect Fantasy

Enjoying a wild fantasy is always good for the mind. Pretend your lover is a knight, a solider, policeman or any other sexy character you secretly lust after. Pretend you’re a slave, a princess or a trophy wife. Put yourself into the moment of being someone else and thew sex is easily out of this world! Role play is a common practice for couples as it incorporates a fantasy other then yourself. A benefit to fantasizing is it allows you to step outside your realm of comfort as you’re imagining you’re someone else. It’s easy to let inhibitions go when you’re lost in another world opening the door to new experiences you may not have considered before.

Frances shares tips for couples promoting a fun and sexy love life focusing on new points of view & closely following ever changing bedroom trends for couples bringing them to you for sexy inspiration!